Qualifications & Appointments

Fellow, International Institute of Security FIISec (1982)

Member, Institute of Professional Investigators MIPI (1995)

Certified Protection Professional CCP (USA) (1995)

English Law Society Approved Expert Witness in Security Management and Unsolved Crime

Freeman, City of London(1992)

Chairman, Guernsey Crime Prevention Panel (2003 – 2005)

Member, Guernsey Crimestoppers Board (2001 – 2012)

Chairman, Guernsey Crimestoppers Board (2010 – 2012)

Douzenier, Parish of St Saviour, Guernsey(2003 – 2008)


Career Summary


Royal Air Force (1964 – 1985). Commissioned officer in the Provost & Security Branch, continuously dealing with the investigation of serious security incidents and the protection against such events.  Operated in a number of high profile roles including international travel providing security support to the British Prime Minister.

Commander of UK Counter-Sabotage Survey Team (1979 – 1982), dealing with contingency planning as it applied to Government Key Points and the organisation of high security. Also devised and managed tests to assess security efficiency of UK government departments.

Staff Counter Intelligence Officer at the UK Ministry of Defence (1982 – 1985). Contributed to the drafting of Aviation & Maritime Security legislation and was responsible for the testing of security arrangements at airports all over the world. Other responsibilities included the management of criminal investigations into breaches of Official Secrets legislation.

Head of Security for Burmah Castrol Oil (1985 – 1987). Responsible for internal company security and the investigation of crime.

Group Security Adviser for P&O (1987 – 1992). Responsible for worldwide corporate security arrangements specialising in containerised freight security. Also advised on the security planning for British Rail in respect of operational risks posed by the Channel Tunnel which was under construction at that time.

Author of books on transportation security, purchasing security guarding services and electronic security systems, published by Witherby & Co (1989 – 1992).

Formed The Paul Elliott Consultancy (CI) Limited in UK, later a Bailiwick of Guernsey registered company (1992 – date) The firm undertook numerous strategic security management reviews for “blue chip” private sector companies in the distribution, retail, food manufacturing and merchant banking sectors. Also carried out similar work for the UK Home Office (1996), Northern Ireland Government (2003), NHS Trusts and Universities.

English Law Society approved Expert Witness, since 1997 providing expert opinion in numerous civil litigation and criminal cases where security or policing issues were critical to the consideration of the cases by the Courts.

From 2005, developed the private investigation division of the company, creating global network of associates and British Channel Island agencies for several leading globally based investigation and intelligence collation firms.





Registered in the Island of Guernsey No. 12469